Hofner B-Bass Hi Series

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Classic. Thumpy. Percussive. Warm. You've heard it. You know it. The mighty Hofner bass favored by Sir Paul himself and a myriad of other lowend greats.

This bass is super clean and absolutely sweet. You get the fully hollow spruce body in the traditional Hofner sunburst (with flame maple back/sides) with white binding, wooden bridge and Hofner-style tailpiece. Gorgeous! The traditional Hofner control panel has controls allow you to dial in all the classic tones you hear throughout your record collection. All that bottom end goodness is pumped through the stock Hofner Ignition Staple pickups.

Peep these specs:

  • Neck: C profile, .825"-.885"
  • 12" Radius
  • Nut: 1.581"
  • Hofner Ignition Staple Pickups: N - 8.0k, B - 8.43k

This great bass has been completely setup and given a new output jack by the kickass luthiers here at EMS. It's gonna play just right and have level frets the moment it's in your hands. It is in great shape and shows only minor signs of love and playwear. It will ship out to you the next day with the hardshell case.