Hughes & Kettner Era 2 2X8" Acoustic Amp

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So many acoustic guitar amps just fall flat, don't they? I can't answer why that is...but this Hughes and Kettner Era 2 will certainly solve that issue for you. 

It all starts with exceptional built-in preamps that crank out a wide stereo field of tone through a pair 8" speakers. Built in Germany to the highest quality standards, Era 2’s extra power and low-end make it the perfect choice for players who require serious volume and bass for performance purposes.

You get all kinds 'o I/O on this guy: XLR, 1/4", Aux inputs, along with outputs for DI, tuner out, and headphones. This thing will get the job done. 

And the tone! It amplifies your acoustic with a fullness and richness that will give a studio quality to your live acoustic sound. And it's loaded down with onboard FX to get the sound just like you like it. 

This amazing acoustic amp is lightly used with lights signs of playwear. It ships the next day with the included slip cover.