Humanoid Psychosis Tremolo Overdrive

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You're not imagining things.. this pedal is an overdrive and tremolo in one! 

The Psychosis is the result of wanting a Tweed-sounding overdrive with tremolo built in! This is accomplished with hand selected JFET Transistors and a Tremolo is added in last gain stage similar to ones used in the famous Heart Throb and EA circuits. There is a slight volume decrease expected when blending in the tremolo so use master volume knob wisely.

Set the tremolo and leave it for sweet overdrive and swell combined, or use the drive by setting speed and depth knobs down fully.

Overdrive- Standard controls for output level, gain and tone. Very sweet and warm tweed voiced overdrive that has grit with note clarity and very dynamic as a response to your playing style. At the lowest setting there will still be some dirt so this is a great pedal for having a boost afterward. Can be used as independent overdrive with both tremolo knobs turned down fully. Expect a volume boost So use volume knob accordingly.

Tremolo- The tremolo is always on as indicated by the speed of the right LED blinking status, even when the effect is not engaged! This is adjusted by the speed knob. The depth knob adjusts the intensity. Wide range of refinements available. For no tremolo effects blended in with the dry signal, turn both bottom knobs all the way left. 

This unique two-fer is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly in its original box! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this pedal.