Ibanez 2351/2350 MIJ 1977 Trans-Walnut

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Straight outta Ibanez's lawsuit period, this was one of the most badass LP-style guitars that came out of Japan's Fujigen plant. It was a bestseller the world over then and it still holds up now. Crafted from mahogany (w/ maple vaneer), this guitar is a 1,000% rock machine. It is totally stock. It has the non-Gibson headstock with star-backed tuners. Topside, the hardware includes the original Gibraltar bridge and decorative tailpiece. Classy. The neck is a fast, comfy C profile with a 10" radius (.850"-.947").  Feel wise, the neck has a more gradual taper down to the nut (1.688") than the typical Gibson slim taper but still feels great and the action is low without being at all splatty or choked. 

Unplugged, this guitar is loud and resonant (always a good sign!). That tonefulness is pumped through a pair of Super 80's "Flying Finger" humbuckers (N: 7.54k, B: 7.75k). The Super 80s were the vintage voice humbuckers. They have a bright, full tone that's very punchy and PAF-like. Controls are typical double humbucker layout: volume and tone per pickup with a 3-way selector. 

It has some signs of love, use, and playwear consistent with its age; considering it hails from the late 70's, it has been well cared for. It has surface level pick scratches along the front that can be seen in the right light. And there are some dings and knocks along the edges (see pics). But none of this takes away from the looks and mojo of this sweet baby. And it weighs in at 8.32 lbs, which is lighter than a lot of LP's you can get your hands on. 

This beautiful vintage guitar looks and sounds great. It is finished in the rare, and stunning trans-walnut finish. The badass luthiers here at EMS have given this baby a full fret dress and setup to insure that arrives to you with level frets, spot-on intonation, and zero issues. Though it doesn't include a case, it will be packed securely and will ship safely the next day.