Ibanez 7th Heaven Distortion

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It's on!

This one is for all of you freaks on a leash...

This distortion/fuzz sounds like twisted transistors coming undone. 

Designed specifically for 7-string guitars with the input from some of Ibanez hottest 7-string players, the SH7 Seventh Heaven distortion pedal accentuates the low-end girth of the 7-string while reducing unwanted string noise. A special mode switch allows you to choose between two different distortion voicings while Lo, Hi, Drive, and Level knobs give you total tone control. An absolute must-have effect for replicating the best 7-string sounds of others or creating your own individual tones.

This pedal is lightly used and will be shipped safely and swiftly. Feel free to call us at the shop if you have any questions.