Ibanez AD-150 Electronic Delay

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Holy rare kickass delays! The much sought after, much revered Ibanez AD-150 Analog Delay (with MN3005 Chip) from the late 70s/early 80s. This hard to find unit is considered by many to be the best delay Ibanez/Maxon ever unleashed on the unsuspecting world. 

Think of it as a DM-2 on steroids. The MN3005 BBD chip has an iconic tone, and works well with virtually any input source. Controls include volume, delay time, repeat, delay level, output volume, normal/effect switch, in/out, an "effect only" out, and a remote bypass pedal jack (remote pedal not included).  

This one has had rack mount ears added and installed in this beautiful custom built box making it an incredibly usable studio piece. 

It is in amazing shape for it's age and works beautifully. We ship out the next day.