Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay (Keeley Mod)

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Analog delay pedals have been out of commission for an alarming number of years, and as of late, there’s been a persistent hue and cry for real analog delay tone.

Thanks to some of the much-needed BBD analog delay chips being reproduced, delay pedals with some killer vintage character have finally been apprehended! The Keeley Modified Ibanez AD9 pedal features incredible craftsmanship, highgrade electronics and electromechanical parts, a Blue LED, and True-bypass. True-bypass, a most-wanted feature, prevents your tone from being robbed when the pedal is off. The Tone Enforcers performed a search and seizure and have caught less than perfect parts red-handed, stealing your tone. But thanks to Keeley Electronics, you’ll have upgraded caps (metal film) and an IC (Burr Brown) to ensure that your sound is safe and secure.

Psssst......... And here’s a little known secret--the stock footswitch still works, but not how you might expect... Hold it down to launch your AD-9 into some run-away, self-oscillation, the UFO’s are landing, sci-fi magic! Enjoy better tone because of the improved Burr Brown IC. This IC is used for compressing and expanding (a noise reduction technique widely used and somewhat similar to Dolby).

This pedal is lightly used, and will ship safely and swiftly!