Ibanez AH-10 Allan Holdsworth Signature

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The AH10 is an solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 1985. It is a signature model for British jazz fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

The AH10 features a double-cutaway Roadstar II shaped basswood body with a tone chamber routed beneath the pickups bolted to a maple neck with a 25½" scale and a 17" radius 22-fret ebony fingerboard with dot position markers. The headstock features a special spider logo which was designed by Holdsworth.

The AH10 was perhaps the first commercially available guitar with a basswood body. Holdsworth wanted a light guitar, so Ibanez luthiers evaluated a few species of wood that weren't commonly used for guitars including basswood and jelutong. They found that jelutong (which was the lightest of the woods they considered) didn't hold screws as well as other options, so basswood was chosen. Basswood has since become the wood used in the original JEM777 and in the majority of the RG series over the past 30+ years.

This model has been modified and has had an additional humbucker installed in the neck, similar to the AH20. The pickups are passive EMGs and they sound incredible.

Discontinued after '87 now is the chance to get your hands on this sweet, sweet piece of history!

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Ready for stage and studio!

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