Ibanez Blazer Bass 1980

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This is a lowend beast from the dawn of the 80's (serial# K801268)! The Blazer was, is, and evermore shall be an utter workhorse! These were produced in Japan with all of the quality that you'd expect from the land of the rising sun.

It's crafted from toneful Ash with cool natural finish, offset with the black pickguard (a look that we happen to love!). The  7.25" radius maple neck has a comfy D profile (.920-.970) with a 12 1/32" nut. It is outfitted with the original single pickup that has a lot of output and cuts through a mix like a boss. It is all original except for the G string tuner which has been replaced at some point in its illustrious career. 

This ol' boy has got some player fo' sho'! Check the pics and you'll see the love it's received over the year but none of it takes away from the mojo. It still looks great and it plays amazing! This is thanks to our pro techs who went through this bass to give it a full set up, fresh strings, and a fret level to make sure it arrives to you with level frets and no issues. This baby ships out the next day with the included Fender gig bag.