Ibanez RG760-BK

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An absolute shred boss that needs no introduction. But maybe a quick introduction is in order: this is the RG760-BK (produced 1988-1992). She loves piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and melting every damn face in the audience from the front row to the back with sheer force. Constructed from a solid basswood body, 1-piece maple Wizard neck with rosewood fingerboard and binding. It has a full two octave fretboard for maximum range. This beauty has been changed up a bit over the years. It has a Kahler Spyder trem system. The usual single volume, single tone control config has been rewired to have simply one volume control and that's it. You're too busy shredding to reach for a Tone control anyway, am i right?? It has been outfitted with a triple threat of Seymour Duncan pickups (Humbucker, Single, Single).

This badass beauty has some dings and signs of love and use (see pics), but none of that detracts from the amazing playability and looks of this classic shredder. The top shelf luthiers here at EMS have given this machine a full setup and it's ready to roll. It'll ship out the next day in the OG Ibanez hard case.