Jackson Audio Broken Arrow V1

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The Broken Arrow is a very flexible overdrive with 4 presets for clipping options, an innovative gain adjustment feature that they call Gain Cycle, and a 3 band active EQ for maximum tonal flexibility. To top it off, they added a boost circuit which is the same type of MOSFET boost circuit found on Jackson Audio's top selling PRISM Preamp pedal.

The boost circuit is in its own true bypass loop which means it can be used independently of the DRIVE circuit. To activate/deactivate the boost circuit simply press the BOOST footswitch. One of the things that makes the boost in the  Broken Arrow  different from other boosts on the market is that it has 4 presets available. Each preset is EQ’d slightly differently to allow it to alter how it interacts with the overdrive circuit in the  Broken Arrow W or any other pedal you may have in your rig.

The overdrive circuit of the  Broken Arrow is a soft clipping overdrive circuit designed in the same vein as the venerable TS-808. The distinction between the TS-808 and the  Broken Arrow  being that there is no set “mid-hump” in the  Broken Arrow  and the tone is relatively flat when all controls are set at 12:00. Given that the  Broken Arrow  features an active 3 band EQ, there was no need to force a mid bump unnecessarily as a mid bump is easily achieved by increasing the MID knob.

The overdrive portion of the  Broken Arrow  is a completely new way of using and adjusting overdrive! With 4 clipping diode presets and our innovative Gain Cycle feature, the  Broken Arrow  will make most other overdrive pedals obsolete!

This sick pedal is lightly used and ships the next day in the original box.