Jackson Audio El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion

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The El Guapo was a sweet collab between Jackson Audio and  Mateus Asato. This pro dirt box pours the sound of a classic high-gain Marshall into a meticulously crafted distortion pedal. Extremely versatile, El Guapo is packed with four clipping modes that serve up a range of tones, from blues rock to heavy metal. El Guapo has four scalable maximum gain settings to add increasing intensity; something you don't see in most drive pedals. Topping it all off is El Guapo’s TS-style overdrive, which pushes the distortion section into heavy clipping and screaming, liquid sustain. IT can even do the MIDI thang with full MIDI control over its multiple clipping modes and gain cycling feature. 

This powerful pedal is lightly used and sounds f'ing next level. It ships out the next day.