Jet Pedals Mr. Jax

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Two time Dove award winner, multi nominated Grammy producer, and a Gretsch Guitar artist Chris Rocha collaborated with Jet Pedals to capture his signature high gain sound in their first Signature Series pedal.

Chris has used a few different high gain pedals in the history of his playing, however not one pedal did it all for him. He loved the aggressive yet smooth sounds of the Crowther Hot Cake, however sonically it didn't capture the overtones and EQ he was looking for.

To solve this dilemma, Jet Pedals redesigned the tone stack of this pedal, allowing it to pull off "soft clipping" type overdrive AND "hard clipping" distortion sounds. With the tone knob at noon, the output sine wave closely resembles a transparent overdrive. By turning the tone knob clockwise (just past noon), the sine wave transforms into more of a "hard clipping" distortion. The tone knob doesn't need to move very far past the noon position (in either direction) to quickly transform and shape the sound of Mr. Jax.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The Mr. Jax features four different gain stages, with corresponding LEDs to indicate which level the pedal is set to.

  • 25% (White LED) - 25% has been fine tuned to dial in an edge of breakup tone. This could be used as an always on tone shaping sound which has plenty of touch responsive dynamics. Play softly and remain your pure clean tone or dig in and achieve a bit of breakup.

  • 50% (Light Blue LED) - 50% has been tuned to represent a second stage overdrive tone. Thick but not too aggressive, can be used for full chords without getting muddy (think of using this during verses). Also used for a bit more breakup when single note melody lines are being played.
  • 75% (Purple LED) - 75% has been tuned to represent a third stage, stacked overdrive. Thick, saturated, and starting to get pretty aggressive. Best used with two or three note chord inversions (think of using this during the bridge).
  • 100% (Red LED) - 100% is full on lead tone, used for thick saturated single note lead lines (think of using this for solos or specific guitar parts meant to stand out in the mix).

This pedal is super lightly used, and works perfectly! We'll ship it to you super fast and super safe. Fell free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!