Jetter Red Square Overdrive

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The Red Square concept is simple: Combine a Red Shift and a Helium in an enclosure the size of the Jetdrive. 

The Red Shift Side
When the Red/Shift is in the Red position, the pedal is operating 100% as it’s predecessor, the Gain Stage Red. Flip the switch to Shift and a complete re-voicing of the pedal takes place. We incorporated all the goodness of the fat, woody and aggressive tone of the Gain Stage Purple–in other words, voiced like a vintage aluminum panel Super Lead.

The Helium Side
The primary design goal of the Helium was to achieve a natural, organic low-gain performance . Jetter tweaked the Helium with more harmonic contrast and squeezed a bit more piano-like bass performance out of it. The Helium allows the guitar signal to be reproduced with startling transparency without sterility or stridency.

This brilliant drive is lightly used (though it shows some signs of love and use) and works like a boss! It ships out the next day.