JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay

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A discontinued gem from the catalog of JHS! After a cease and desist, the Pink Panther delay was revamped and renamed to the Lucky Cat. So this "lawsuit era" echo machine is becoming increasingly hard to find!

Based on their very first delay pedal from 2007, the JHS Pink Panther digital delay pedal is a great example of digital processing done right. With the Dark control fully clockwise, you’ll hear transparent digital repeats. Crank the control all the way down for a gritty, lo-fi analog-style delay. Everything in between sounds sweet. With delay time ranging from short slapback to a full second, the Pink Panther is a versatile delay for any application. And with two types of modulation available, you’ve got a ton of creative potential in the JHS Pink Panther delay pedal.

This modern classic is lightly used and works great. It ships the next day! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!