JHS Pedals Prestige Buffer and Boost

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The JHS Prestige is simple magic, a one-knob pedal with multiple, stacked functions, each of which will turn your sound into something worth singing about. Dial the Boost control all the way counterclockwise for a completely transparent buffer that negates the tone sucking effects of long cables. Give it a quarter turn and, in addition to the buffer, you get a tone-enhancing transparent boost that you can leave on all of the time for richer, better sound. Another quarter turn puts your buffered, boosted guitar out in front with volume, clarity, and sparkle for your most inspired solos. Beyond the halfway point, the JHS Prestige works as a transparent overdrive to push your tube preamp into the sweet spot and bring out all of its natural overtones, with increasing levels of snarling, fuzzy sustain as it approaches the maximum setting. All of this in the smallest pedal possible, with a 10 milliamp power draw and true bypass switching. Magic!

This pedal is lightly used, very clean and includes the original box. Ships out the next day.