JVC CD-1636 Super ANRS Portable Cassette Deck

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The CD1636 is a cool late 70s stereo cassette deck. Perfect for you studio rats who wanna marry vintage and modern in your rig. It sports the old school top loading layout. Mechanically it has 2 heads, mechanical 3 digit tape counter, manual tape type selection and capable of handling normal, chrome and ferro-chrome tapes, along with belt driven single-capstan transport. Dual analog needle VU reading meters round out the features on this deck. 

The Super ANRS capability was developed by JVC and used in the CD-1635; it applies compression in recording and expansion in playback to improve dynamic range at high frequencies. Also Super ANRS is a highly effective noise reduction system that reduces tape hiss by boosting the signal-to-noise ratio as much as 10db over 5000Hz.

To make live recordings this deck has 2 microphone inputs to connect mics with a jack connector. For playback it has a jack connector for a pair of stereo headphones. The CD-1636 can be tied into other audio components for playback (via an RCA cable and recording from a source by an RCA cable.

This vintage machine is lightly used and works great. The original power supply has been lost to time, but you're in luck because it runs on batteries as well and will ship with a set installed for you. It will ship out super quick the next day.