Kemper Power Kabinet 1x12

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The Kemper Kabinet is especially designed for the Profiler. The Kemper Kabinet is a combination of the Kemper Kone loudspeaker (a 12“ full range speaker which is exclusively designed by Celestion for Kemper) and an extensive speaker tone mining technology developed by Kemper making it possible to digitally "imprint“ various speaker characteristics onto one single cabinet. It is controlled and driven by the Kemper Profiler’s DSP to an ultra-linear (full range) frequency response, using a dedicated DSP algorithm.

Among the imprints, you will find a choice of well-known guitar speakers from Celestion and many more, as well as some rare and very particular speakers. More speaker imprints may be added via future software updates.

Offering 200 watts of raw power, the Kemper Power Kabinet is the perfect monitoring system for all owners of unpowered Kemper Profilers (Head, Rack, and Stage). 

This amazing cab (sorry, Kab) is used and shows light surface-level dings and minor signs of love and use but it still looks great and sounds incredible. An amazing tool for your Kemper rig. It will ship swiftly and safely with the included slip cover.