KHDK Electronics Kirk Hammett Signature Ghoul Screamer Jr. Overdrive

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Inspired by the celebrated KHDK Ghoul Screamer Overdrive, the Ghoul Jr. Overdrive is KHDK's first mini pedal: small, but lethal. It packs a hyper powerful overdrive circuit inside a micro-sized box, delivering massive overdrive with a bonus dose of gain. The glittering purple enclosure boasts a ghoulish face created by San Francisco's tattoo artist Tim Lehi.

"Evil things come in small packages," Kirk Hammett says.

The micro pedal offers a wide range of colors, from fuzzy vintage treble boost to creamy, liquid tone. A brand new full-on mode brings an even more powerful cut-through sound, ensuring the Ghoul Jr. Overdrive never gets lost in the mix. "Flick the Style switch to 'down' and wreak havoc," advises Hammett. The Ghoul Jr. Overdrive is best used as a guitarist's main OD sound, for boosting an already overdriven amp, or for bringing out the best of its neighbors on a pedalboard.