King Tone The Duellist Five Year Anniversary Dual Overdrive

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The 5 Year Anniversary "pedalboard friendly" version of the Duellist! It is identical to the classic Duellist pedal and functions and sounds the same but with added pedalboard friendly features. This version of the Duellist features top mounted jacks, 9-18v DC, you can run it at 18v for more headroom. With this Duellist you can split channel A and B so you can use it with a pedalboard switcher. In ‘Split’ mode, using TRS cables you can change the order of the pedal, A into B or B into A, you can even place pedals in between side A and B. Basically when the internal switch is set to ‘Split’ the Duellist functions as two separate pedals with an in and out for each side. The Dual Overdrive/Boost and Distortion of your dreams.

This pedal is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly in its original box!