Klavis Twin Waves Oscillator MkII

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The driving idea behind the Twin waves voltage-controlled dual oscillator/LFO is to offer two interesting oscillators in a skiff-friendly and compact size. To achieve that challenge, Klavis Modular built the product’s architecture on the concept of pre-defined algorithms, where the most useful configurations and their matching parameter are ready to use. This macro-control of parameters allows one to have a small number of CV inputs while still maintaining complex modulation options. Both oscillators can track 1V/oct over a range of 10 octaves, functioning perfectly in low and high frequencies. There are twenty different algorithmically based synthesis types for an extremely large timbral palette. Also included is a built in Quantizer, to easily tune your oscillators to diatonic scales. 


  • Two oscillators independently set as VCO or LFO
  • V/Oct tracking over 10 octaves
  • Through zero oscillator FM
  • Quantizer with various scales
  • 20 algorithm-based synthesis types
  • Clock controlled rate with multiplier and divider in LFO mode
  • Display with contextual icons and instant reminder help text
  • LEDs indicating potentiometer vs. value matching, switch settings and output levels
  • Automatically saved settings for instant recall at power on
  • Firmware update by playing an audio file via the front panel

This unit is incredibly lightly used and functions perfectly. It ships the next day with the box.