Koch Classictone II Twenty Combo

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The German-made Koch amps are not vintage, but darn if they don't look it! Covered in ash-brown tolex and sporting a nice leather handle, the Classictone II is certainly named appropriately. As for the circuit, it's also vintage-minded--all Class A design with EL84 power tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes for the old-school British breakup you know and love! It has three master volume settings (Home, Studio, and Stage) that act very similarly to an attenuator, allowing you to adjust the amount of tube compression/breakup at differing volumes--a thoughtful and useful feature! Coupled with the accurately responsive EQ section, you'll be able to dial in your tones perfectly without ever sounding thick or muddy. This is the 20 watt version, so you'll be able to achieve that nice tube distortion a little quicker than you would with the 40 watt model. Sick. The clean tones you're able to get out of this amp are also incredible. Not to mention the lush, long scale reverb tank and custom designed VG12-60 12" Koch speaker. Just trust us, you'll want to hear it for yourself.

Extra specs:

  • 3 channels (Clean, Overdrive & Overdrive Boost) foot switchable
  • One set of passive bass-mid-treble tone controls
  • Serial effects loop (10 dBV signal level)
  • 2 way footswitch (included)

This amp is CLEAN and functions like a dream. We'll ensure that it ships out securely and safely! Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about this amp!