Korg CR-4 4-Track Cassette Tape Recorder

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The CR-4 is a straightforward, powerful 4-track recorder with built-in speakers, amp modeling, microphone modeling and the digital super effects that Korg is known for. It's perfect when you want to quickly capture a few ideas or record samples. 

The CR-4's battery of realistic amp and effect sounds include six guitar amps, (including a VOX AC30TB), two bass amps, one acoustic guitar tuning and two mic sims. No outboard gear needed, it's all in there.

And it's loaded up with all the standard effects: Chorus, Flanger, Trem, Delay, Verb. This lil' guy is a powerhouse. 

This unit is used but very clean and works great. No cassette tape is included but it will ship with the original power supply. Grab it for your rig and we'll ship it the next day.