Korg KO1 Kaossilator (pink)

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Bringing together 100 authentic Korg synth samples, the dynamic, pressure-sensitive KAOSS touchpad, and a compact design that literally fits in your pocket, the Korg Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer is a tiny titan of sonic production power. This little powerhouse packs the legendary Korg synth engine, allowing for easy playability via its note/pitch horizontal axis and vertical axis for cutoff, feedback, and modulation provides endless variations on 31 built-in scales to keep up with the most creative minds. Perfect for an intuitive accompaniment for jam sessions, the Kaossilator's additional loop recording and Gate Arpeggiation functions make this little square the perfect tool for solo chaos creation.

has a very small dent in the touch pad, does not effect playability whatsoever - just aesthetics

no box or power included