Korg Pitchblack Advance

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The Pitchblack tuner is a modern classic. The Pitchblack Advance is the next-generation model. The display features high-brightness color LEDs, nearly doubling the size of the note name display and providing amazing visibility. Whether you're on a dimly lit stage or outdoors in bright sunlight, this display will always be easy to read. Choose from four meter display modes to suit your playing style. In addition to the standard “Regular mode,” you can use “Strobe mode” or “Half-strobe mode” in which the direction and speed of meter movement indicate the pitch change for easy visualization of even minute differences, as well as “Mirror mode” in which two LEDs move from left and right to coincide in the center as you tune.

This pedal is used, but absolutely spotless. It's in excellent condition and will ship out the next day.