Lazy J Cruiser Deuce

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Handmade with quality components, these pedals feature the ultimate way to overdrive a tube amp. Each one is a Booster/Overdrive pedal in one, or, depending on the settings, something in between. 

Used as a Booster, the Cruiser takes the signal from your guitar and amplifies it without changing its tone and dynamics. The signal at the output is exactly like the signal at the input, but bigger. This bigger signal has the ability to drive your amp much harder, resulting in really rich tube distortion with all the tone and dynamics retained. This means that it won’t sound squashed and compressed like many other overdrive pedals. What’s more, it can be fully controlled by your guitar’s volume control - back it off, and it’ll clean right up!! 
From here you can engage the DRIVE circuit, which is completely bypassed when turned all the way down.

This brilliant overdrive is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this pedal.