Line 6 Spider II 112 Combo

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Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. This thing gets all kinds of heavy. You can get a good and clean tone out of it, but you would be doing yourself a major disservice. But in all seriousness, Line 6 is notable for a reason, and this amp is super powerful and super affordable. It includes a handful of built-in effects, and comes with the footswitch, which automatically makes this guy twice as versatile. The Spider II is the perfect amp for someone out there, and it just might be you. 

Some features and specs from the manufacturer: 

Spider® II 112 Features

  • 12 amp models that deliver a complete range from Clean to Insane
  • 7 Smart Control effects (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, standard Delay, Sweep Echo (all w/Tap Tempo), Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb
  • 4 User-programmable channels
  • Built-in front panel Tuner
  • Enough power to kill pesky Chupacabras and Evil Payasos
Spider® II 112 Amp Models:
  • Crunch "red" - based on* a '68 Marshall® "Plexi" 50-watt
  • Crunch "green" - based on* a '68 Marshall® "Plexi" 100-watt
  • Metal "red"
  • Metal "green"
  • Insane "red"
  • Insane "green"
  • Clean "red"
  • Clean "green"
  • Twang "red" - based on* our analysis of mid '60s Fender® amps
  • Twang "green" - based on* a number of different vintage Fender® tweed amps like a '53 Deluxe Reverb® and a '58 Bassman®
  • Blues "red"
  • Blues "green"