Little Walter Tube Amps 50 Watt Head and 2x12 Cab

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Part of the first generation of 50W amps from Little Walter, this brilliant boutique machine keeps it simple while keeping it full of tone. Even though you can get some hair on it in the upper volume range, this guy is all about clean headroom. Pedal steel players love it and pedal aficionados can't get enough of it. 

This bad boi sports a pair of JJ 6L6's power tubes, with Sovteks for the preamp and rectifier spots. Just a sweet complement of tubes that help make this thing sound killer.

Controls are dead simple: Volume and Tone and a toggle that allows you to run at 25W. Hard to mess this up. The back panel sports a 4 Ohm speaker jack, effects loop, and Line Out. 

The powerful and compact 2x12 cabinet is loaded up with a pair of WGS G12C's: a speaker that is dynamic, punchy, and dripping with vintage American tone. 

The tweed covering has overall signs of use with some dark spots, a couple dings, etc. Just signs of a piece of gear that's seen plenty 'o action because it kicks ass! This will be a hefty one to ship. If you wanna pick it up, come make a road trip to Nashville to see us! But if you insist that we ship, just hit us up and we'll make it happen.