Lovepedal Eternity Burst

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In today's world of guitar effects, Tubescreamer derivatives are a dime a dozen. But some boutique builders go beyond the derivative, taking inspiration and paying homage to the classic, while breathing new life into the same old rehashed circuit.

The Lovepedal Eternity is a beautiful handwired TS-style drive that stands out among the herd of countless boring run of the mill clones. Featuring a simple control set of Level, Drive, and Glass (a single band EQ to boost or cut the drive's presence), the Eternity is the perfect drive pedal to send your edge-of-breakup amp into pure euphoric saturation.

This pedal shows signs of love and use, but it functions perfectly! We'll ship it to you super fast and super safe. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!