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Mahoney description:
In the late 60's, Jordan offered an incredible sounding tremolo unit that was housed in the plug-in style box like the Bosstone. There were less than 100 of these rare units ever produced. We were lucky enough to obtain one of these original units and have successfully cloned it.

We have added a transparent boost that allows the pedal to be fully adjustable. One drawback of the original Vico Vibe was the volume drop that occurred when the pedal was engaged. We have addressed this problem and the boost is very warm and lush sounding.

The Vico Vibe is not a "Vibe" like the name suggests, it is a very warm sounding Tremolo. The sound is truly out of this world - and creates a very Buttery effect. Imagine the Tremolo used on the song Crimson and Clover and you will get an idea of the sound.

In testing of this unit, we have compared it to other Vintage amp tremolo units and our version exceeds all of our expectations.

If you're looking for a no-frills Fender style vintage tremolo unit, look no further than the Vico Vibe.