Malin Amplification The Sweet Loraine

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The Sweet Loraine is Malin's D-style tribute to the legendary American West Coast amp builder and that signature tone you can only get from those amps amplifiers!

Sweet Loraine is a Class AB amp which features a foot switchable all-tube overdrive circuit and “boost”.  Holy shit! Everything about this amp sounds incredible. Crystalline, sparkly cleans and switch over to the drive channel for the most absolutely classic crunch you've been dreaming of.  The Sweet Loraine is fully configurable. Looking for that creamy Santana infinite sustain? Loraine can do it. Looking for Carlton-esque Jazz/Rock fusion?  Ford style Rock/Blues?  Sweet Loraine can deliver that, too! 

Check these specs!

  • 50 Watts Combo
  • Class AB push-pull power amp
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Switchable to 6L6 Tubes if desired
  • Master volume (for those late nights or finicky sound engineers)
  • Foot switch included
  • Speaker: Celestion G12-65

This amp is lightly used and has been kept in fantastic condition. Grab this for your new rig and we'll ship out lightning fast.