Marshall Custom Shop JTM145 Anderton's Exclusive 50th Anniversary

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Well this amp does not suck.

Limited to just 200 pieces, the Marshall Custom Shop CS JTM145 50th Anniversary Andertons Valve Head was designed in collaboration with Lee Anderton to celebrate Andertons Music Company's 50th birthday. Built by the Marshall Custom Shop in Milton Keynes, UK, and available exclusively from Andertons Music (one of the oldest Marshall dealers in the world!) the CS JTM145 features a commemorative plate with Andertons 50th Anniversary logo and a matching custom amp cover. Each amp will be hand numbered and signed by Lee Anderton.

Do not let the "1 watt" fool you. This amp is a ripper and plenty loud to jam with a band. The 'super quiet' mode reduces the power to give great tone at bedroom levels, which also makes it a fantastic amp for home studios when a balance has to be struck between great tone and low volume: the CSJTM 145 doesn't need to compromise either!

Featuring styling that is authentic to the original 1964 JTM heads, the CSJTM 145 boasts period correct vinyl, handle, knobs and white plexi face, along with the white and maroon Marshall logo which was only ever used on very early Marshall amps.

The CSJTM 145's circuity is based on the Marshall 50th anniversary JTM1 but with an internally dimed signal path that allows you to use either of the two gain stages or combined both to achieve classic rock tones that defined a revolution in rock music. Pure British overdrive tones that made Marshall a household name and ensured their worldwide domination for years to come.

This is one is #110 of 200. It is in very good condition, it has been professionally modified for U.S. power and will ship swiftly and safe, with the original slip cover upon purchase.

This amp will only increase in value. Snag it now while it's available before we change our mind.