Mattoverse Fuzzy Gates

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The Fuzzy Gates from Mattoverse Electronics is a unique combination of gain and tremolo that can create a variety of sounds from clean to fizzy spattery gated tremolo fuzz goodness.  

It’s a bit hard to describe the sounds really, checking out the demos below is the best way to get some idea of the sounds it produces.  

Directions & Specs:

Bypass Foot Switch: Turns the pedal on/off.  True hardwire bypass when the pedal is off.

Tremolo Foot Switch:  Turns the tremolo effect on/off.  The blinking indicator to the left of the Tremolo foot-switch will indicate the rate setting and whether the tremolo effect is on or off.  The tremolo effect only works when the pedal is on.

Gain: Turn clockwise to increase gain from clean to full on fuzz.  The gain and depth controls are interactive such that lower gain settings require higher depth settings and higher gain settings may require lower depth settings.

Volume: Turn clockwise to increase the output of the pedal.  There is a ton of output volume available, allowing you to run from clean to fully fuzzed out tones.

Depth: Sets the depth of the tremolo effect. This control is very interactive with the gain control and a wide range of sounds can be created discovered.  Can go from fizzle to full on gated out sounds.

Rate 1 or 2 Toggle: Toggles between the tremolo rate being controlled by the Rate 1 control or the Rate 2 Control.  When it is in the 2 position, Rate 1 is driving Rate 2.  When toggled to the 2 position, try starting with Rate 1 slow and Rate2 somewhere in the middle to begin exploring the fun multi-pulse type tremolo possibilities.

Rate 1: Turn clockwise to increase the speed of the tremolo effect, from slow to very fast.  At the fastest settings, you can get some fun ring-mod type tones.

Rate 2: Turn clockwise to increase the speed.  Note Rate 2 is driven by rate one and only has an effect on the Rate when the Rate Toggle is in the 2 position.