Mental Case Custom 2-Tier Pedalboard w/ Case

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This was a custom build for a rig revolving around a GigRig G2 but would work great as a standard board or even better for one with a switching system. The top tier is designed for the back row of pedals to have their knobs exposed for tweaking but their foot-switches and covered by the top tier so those should ideally be in a loop of a switching system. The hardshell case is rock solid and has never been gigged with. This was a studio build by Mental Case who make excellent quality cases and boards. 


Board Weight: 10.2 lbs

Board Size: 31" x 16"

Case Size: 34" x 19.5" x 11"

Top Tier Size: 21" x 6.5"

Total Weight Together: 36.3 lbs