Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 Combo

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The Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 combo absolutely rips! If you know, you know. The 5:50 Express is loaded up with the dominating tube amp power Mesa is praised for. But it's been packed into an easy to transport, dual-channel package.

This amp is loaded up with four separate channels that can get shit done, regardless of the tone you need. The Clean channel for open, transparent tone, is perfect to throw your dirt pedals in front of. Next up is the Crunch channel for low-medium gain overdrive tones. The Texas-tinged Blues mode gives you some searing rhythm and lead tones. Finally the punishing harmonically-saturated Burn mode pushes your tone to the front of the mix. Topped off with the signature five-slider EQ section in addition to the hi/mid/low knobs, this hand-built titan brings big presence in a small package.

This amp shows light signs of love and use but still looks great and of course works like a charm. It comes with an extra pair of power tubes, the original owners manual and original slip cover. 

We will not be shipping this amp, but isn't it time you made a road trip to Nashville to visit us?? 

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