Mesa Boogie Mark IIB 1x12 Combo

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Here we have a beautiful Mesa Boogie Mark IIB. This amp is the definition of workhorse. Extremely powerful and loud, a pedal heads dream combo! Super versatile and can hit any style from warm, clean jazz, to spanky "6L6" country twang, all the way to blow your hair back rock. This is NOT a modern Mesa, so don't think about Dual/Triple Rectifier sounds. They are not here.

The Mark IIb carries on Mesa Boogies legacy of the first channel switching amplifier, and adds a tube-buffered effects loop. This amp is a cannon, the loudest 1x12 we've ever plugged in and rich with sound. 

The power cable has been replaced with a tough, long cable. The original footswitch is included. This model also included a built in fan that can be plugged or un-plugged directly into the chassis. This is great feature for long gigs as it will help keep your tubes and chassis at a good operating temperature!

Dressed in the best, this Black and Wicker Boogie stands out and will continue to bring the noise for decades to come. 

This amp has been gone through and is ready for stage or studio.