Mesa Boogie Single Recitifier Solo Head 50

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Mesa/Boogie's 50 watt rock n' roll secret weapon! The Single Rec Solo Head 50 takes takes all the essential circuitry and ingredients of the legendary Dual Rec and simply steps down the displacement to a single pair of power tubes. And this baby is pure hand-built, all-tube tonal power. And with a bloodline like the Dual Rectifier, this is the perfect baby brother to that classic amp?

Based on a diode-rectified, two-channel platform, it houses all the minute pre-amp voicings found aboard its big-powered relatives. Channel One sports two modes: the tight and spanking Clean —which can be dialed up to a classic vintage purr, and Pushed for a spicy, brown, mid-gain clip.

Channel Two boasts the identical three modes offered by the Road King and the Dual/Triple Rectifiers: Raw, Vintage and Modern high gain. These three voicings cover the spectrum in a stair-step format with Raw making the transition from furry-clean through a bluesy, roots clip. Then Vintage High-Gain takes over and continues up the gain scale into a liquid, violin voice that glows with amber warmth. And finally …Modern. This blistering High Gain mode delivers pure Recto aggression, the heaviest sound ever, and featured on countless recordings and stages world-wide.

This amazing head has all the goods going on inside and it comes with the original footswitch and Mesa Boogie slip cover. Our top-shelf techs here at EMS have gone through this baby and made everything is clean and functioning perfectly so you'll be ready for stage or studio with this amp. It is very lightly used and it will ship out lightning fast. 

If you want to double your fun, check out the Mesa 4x12 Recto Slant Cab we have available on our store. It pairs with this head in the most amazing way.