Mesa Engineering Powerhouse 1000 4x10/1x15 Bass Cabinet

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It's not just a clever name, this thing is a POWERHOUSE. 

Most bassists seem to have a preference in speaker sizes, some prefer the tightness and clarity of 10inch speakers, where others tend to favor the rumble and woof of 15s. But the combination of the two is something we can all agree on: perfection. Thankfully, the kind engineers at Mesa have designed this cab to provide the best of both worlds, with four 10" and one 15" speakers in a single enclosure.

This guy can be run in mono at 4ohms, or you can bi-amp it and run two different heads into the different speaker configurations at 8ohms each.

Not only can you snag this monster of a rig, it also comes with a live-in road case with room for an amp head in the top, as well as a guitar case built into the front cover! Get yourself tour-ready in one transaction! 

We can ship this guy, but it ain't gonna be cheap. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!