Metasonix RK2 XS-VCA

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The RK2 XS-VCA is the ultimate vacuum-tube VCA. But it's even more than that. It's also a tube preamp with gain of approximately 30 dB, an inverting/non-inverting amplifier for stereo and signal-canceling effects, and/or an extreme distortion effect.

It can be set to simply be a plain vanilla VCA, with moderate tube distortion. Overdrive it for beautiful slow-onset clipping distortion. Or turn up the FEEDBACK control and beware.

What does it sound like? Imagine a slightly tubby tube amplifier, suddenly turning into a screaming chainsaw. And flying around the room to break your sappy bleeps and bloops. A bulldozer on fire crushing your nads. Strange tentacles of doom rise up from the bottom of the ocean and slap your mother's asscrack. Or you can have anything in between. All voltage controllable with one CV input.

This little monster is lightly used and ready to hop into your rig and take you on a trip. Grab it up today and we'll ship it out the next day.