Missing Link Audio Peacock Overdrive

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A vintage classic opamp overdrive with premium mosfet clipping. Three-way switch controls the treble cut off slope of the tone control. The voice control lets you adjust presence and high-end bite to cut through any mix. Designed to work well by itself or stacked with other overdrives, this is the one if you yearn for tone beyond any other overdrive. The Peacock actually sounds like a real amplifier. Plenty of balls to push your amp into overdrive. Classic tone from clean to mean to scream. Fat, articulate, warm and inviting. All the tonal colors of the rainbow at your fingertips, and approved by some of the best players in the business. Your tonal quest for sonic nirvana begins here. look no further. True bypass & orange led. Tonal bliss awaits your audience!

This pedal is lightly used and will ship safely the next day!