MJR Artisan Classic Fuzz Fumed Red Gum

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The Artisan Classic fuzz from MJR Effects -- a rare mix of art and function designed to deliver classic fuzz tones from the 1960's in a way that would make even Jimi drool.  NOS vintage AC128 germanium transistors are the backbone of this "who's who" of quality, collectable NOS vintage parts that also includes a Sprague Vitamin Q paper-in-oil capacitor, Cornell Dubilier silver mica capacitor, Philips electrolytic capacitor, and 1/2W Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors. If that's not enough, these parts are all wired on a custom turret board (matching the pedal's top) with gold plated turrets and black walnut trim, adding a stunning custom touch to an already beautiful pedal.

The Artisan Classic fuzz is true bypass and is hand-built/hand-wired with extraordinary attention to detail in Burlington, Vermont, USA, using lead-free silver solder throughout, gold plated Switchcraft input and output jacks, solid-core wiring, and also includes a built-in negative voltage converter so you can daisy chain this PNP device with your other pedals! What's more, the thick layer of epoxy covering the entire pedal serves to permanently protect the wood and paint, and also adds gorgeous shine and depth, accentuating the beautiful figuring in the wood top.

Serial #4 uses a beautiful Fumed Red Gum for the top and board.

Controls: Fuzz, Bias, Volume (from L to R)

She's a been loved on and have a couple dings on the enclosure but still RIPS hard.