Mojotone BlackOut Tweed Select Modified 5E3

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Introducing the Blackout Tweed Select - a 5E3 inspired amplifier from Mojotone that builds on the original circuit and brings a few of their favorite “mods” to life.

With the original 5E3 circuit, the volume controls of the Bright and Normal channels are interactive and they tend to “bleed” over into one another with a shared tone knob which serves both channels. The builders at Mojoone felt this could be “tweaked” for a cleaner, more modern functionality. They set out to implement a more ideal set up that would allow for more control and versatility while retaining the original tonal appeal the original 5E3.

Starting with the input section, they took the Bright and Normal channels from the original circuit and made some minor tweaks, creating what they call “Modern” and “Classic” inputs. The Classic input uses a simple 12AY7 circuit feeding into a “Blackface” style EQ featuring Treble and Bass controls. This mod retains the basic 5E3 sound but allows for more control over the tone.

The “Modern” input was inspired by a British “800” input circuit and uses the other side of the 12AY7 which feeds into the normal channel resulting in an increased input gain and a higher output, giving the player more access to the available headroom of the 6V6 output section.

This sick combo amp is VERY lightly used, and it'll ship super fast and super safe! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!