Montreal Assembly PURPLL

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The Montreal Assembly PURPLL is one of the most detailed re-creations of the famed Schumann PLL. PLL pedals are used as monophonic pitch shifting devices which typically make very square wave like synthy tones. PURPLL is no exception to that description, but also delivers some unique parameter modulation to allow the creation of interesting arpeggio patterns in addition to the usual PLL type sounds you would expect.

It also has a very short sampler on board which, when enabled, will
capture the most recent note played by the input instrument, resulting in infinite sustain. A built in oscillator is also included so that the pedal can easily be its own instrument (instead of an effect), requiring no input at all. 

We're on the fence about selling this one. It is such a rad pedal, and currently out of production. It's EXTREMELY clean and will ship next day with priority mail.