Endangered Audio Research - Moxtronix TransTone Fuzz

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The boys at Endangered Audio Reseach had a quick fling with starting this brand before they decided to shut it down. The "Moxtronix" TransTone is a versatile fuzz machine, creating vintage and modern fuzz tones.  The Fuzz and Gain controls were designed to allow a wide range of useful fine-tuning.  Together with the tone-shaping switching, the TransTone Fuzz can give you sounds ranging from a classic bark to ultra wide heavy drone with much higher output levels than any vintage fuzz.  While the TransTone Fuzz is inspired by the Tone Bender, it is not a clone.

The TransTone Fuzz is equipped with a true bypass footswitch and a clickless momentary footswitch that boosts the output to a level set by the Boost level control for an expressive dynamic control that will inspire your playing like no other fuzz. Killer pedal for the dough. 


Fuzz - amount of distortion
Level - the overall output volume
Boost - extra gain when Boost Switch is enabled
Gain - amount of  signal drive to clipping amplifier


Soft - switched up, a more modern fuzz sound; switched down, a germanium-like tone
Filter - switched up, flat frequency response; switched down, high-pass filter
Boost - momentary switch that adds gain to stand out during solos
Bypass - true bypass


Input - accepts both low and line-level inputs
Output - drives low level and most line level inputs

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