Beigel Sound Labs Mu-FX Octave Divider

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Designed, built, and signed by the man himself.

If you are hip to Mu-Tron history you'll know. If you're not, here is a quick history lesson. 

Mike Beigel co-founded Musitronics Corporation in the '70s. They were very successful. Then they sold the Mu-Tron product line and intellectual property Arp Instruments in 1978.

Arp went bankrupt in 1980 and all the property reverted back to Musitronics Corp. and its stockholders.

In 2006, the surviving stockholders of Musitronics unanimously assigned to Mike Beigel the sole right to represent and develop Musitronics and any of its remaining assets into the future.

In 2012, Beigel began to “resurrect and re-invent” the original Musitronics Mu-Tron product line. After the Arp bankruptcy the “Mu-Tron” and “Musitronics” trademarks were acquired in the USA by third parties. Beigel then re-named the product line Mu-FX™ by Beigel Sound Lab to avoid legal complexities.

THEN he made this sweet baby. With his own hands. Not only does this sound absolutely, insanely awesome, but it is in "museum-like" collectable quality with the original box, paperwork, power supply. We even had the original twisty-tie for the power supply for you heads out there.

Hand etched serial number 54 with a hand etched signature by the master of quack himself. This will be a great addition to anyones studio or collection. Treat ya' self and we'll get it packed up safe and sound and out the door stupid fast.