Music Man Sabre II 1982

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Honestly, it doesn't get much cooler than this. What you are looking at here is a Music Man golden era shred stick. All original with MM humbuckers and standard volume/tone controls. Hot damn, what a rock machine! This Sabre is all original including the active electronics with controls for volume, treble, and bass controls, as well as bright, phase reversal, and three way pickup selector switches.

This guitar has been favored and played like the rock god it is. It shows overall signs of love and use across the body and the fretboard. There is a healthy amount of buckle rash and playwear on the back (see pics) and a deep cut in the finish on the lower back of the body. But all of this aesthetic and does not detract from the playability of this classic guitar. 

It has been fully setup and will ship to you with level frets. It ships the next day in the included hardshell case.