MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe

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The Bass Fuzz Deluxe covers a huge range of tones, from furry fuzzed-out funk to gnarly modern bite, all while allowing you to maintain a strong fundamental. Small footprint & a cool looking enclosure. Because fuzz, in particular— is essentially the bombardment of a signal’s upper partial harmonics, bass players often experience a loss in low end when they kick on a fuzz box. Some address the issue by splitting their signal into two separate rigs, running one amp clean and one amp dirty. It’s an effective fix, but not a route most bass players are willing or able to take. Many modern fuzz pedals have a blend knob that allows the player to dial back the degree of dirt, but MXR takes it a step further by offering individual dry and wet controls, as if your bass were indeed split into two separate signal paths.

Lightly used this fuzz box will ship with the original box next day!