Mythos Pedals Chupacabra Overdrive/Fuzz

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The Chupacabra has gone top mount! The internal circuitry has remained unchanged but now in a more pedalboard friendly format.

The latest Mythos Pedals creation! Built around the CD4049UBE chip this simple gain pedal does everything from pushed tweed breakup to balls to the wall rockin' fuzz! Designed to replicate the tones of the first few ZZ-Top records. So no matter if you just got back from baby's or just trying to find your cheap sunglasses this pedal will give you a Texas size tone with any setup!

  • Tons of pushed boost

  • Simple Level & Gain controls

  • Gain goes from pushed, to overdrive, to fuzz!

  • Great pushing a clean or overdriven amp.

  • Quality through hole components

  • True Bypass switching

NOTE: The Chupacabra enclosures were updated and make look slightly different than as they appear online. But not to worry the tone is the same!