Mythos Pedals Wildwood Mjolnir

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The Wildwood Edition Mjolnir Overdrive is a reimagining of the earliest Mjolnir pedals that were ever made. The pedal is designed to replicate Zach’s personal silver Klon Centaur, the Wildwood has many subtle changes that make it a sonic clone of the most sought after pedal ever. It has a beautiful low gain overdrive tone that compresses perfectly. No expense was spared in the creation or in the production of this pedal and it shows. We doubt you'll want to turn it off.

  • NOS Germanium Diodes

  • Tons of headroom thanks to its internal 18volt operation

  • Treble control to dial in the perfect amount of top-end

  • Musical gain with just the right amount of compression

  • Classic buffered bypass.

  • Top quality jacks, switch, and pots.

  • Quality through hole components.

This lightly used pedal will ship to you swiftly and safely. Give us a call with any questions you may have about it.