Mythos Pedals x Rhett Shull Lark

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The Mythos Pedals - Lark is a very cool overdrive which works to capture the tones of a certain '60s 5 watt combo. A collaboration between Mythos Pedals and guitarist Rhett Shull, the Lark is inspired by one of Rhett’s favorite 60’s combo amps. Fantastic clean tones and that gnarly Kalamazoo sound, complete with a really simple tremolo that is reminiscent of the era, this pedal delivers a unique small combo sound to any rig.

Details from Zach at Mythos Pedals: The Lark features a unique drive circuit with an interactive Overdrive control that, in essence, functions like your guitars volume knob in front of cranked amp. With the overdrive set low you have a clean tone that just nudges the sound more towards a small combo. As you crank the overdrive things get hairy and sound big and punchy. Internally if you want to fatten things up there is a Body trim pot that lets you cut bass and sound more like a small amp, or keep things nice and full. The Tremolo circuit has a single external Frequency control that controls the speed of tremolo. The Tremolo is activated via footswitch and features an internal depth control to go from subtle to choppy.

  • Interactive Overdrive circuit with Germanium clipping diodes.
  • Internal Body control to shape pedals overall tone.
  • Classic sounding Tremolo circuit with internal Depth control.
  • Red Amp Jewel Light
  • Top Mount Jacks
  • Top quality jacks, switches, pots, and components throughout.

This unique and discontinued pedal is very lightly used and ships safely and swiftly in its original box! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this product.